The Volunteer Center of Greater Milwaukee

Community Board Forms

Your Connection to a Nonprofit Board

Thank you for your interest in serving on a nonprofit board or committee. You can make a valuable contribution to the community by sharing your time, ideas and expertise with a nonprofit organization. We can help you find an opportunity with one of approximately 50 nonprofit agencies that are seeking board members.

Please keep in mind a few facts about nonprofit Boards:

  • Occasionally agencies require a candidate to serve on a Committee before serving on the Board of Directors.
  • Most agencies will ask for a donation from Board members based on personal means.
  • Serving on a Board commits you to the successes (and failures) of the organization.
  • Your skills and talents are valuable to the success of the agency you serve.

After reviewing the information here just go to the Board Connections section of our website to find an opportunity. If you prefer to talk to someone, complete the application and return it to us. When we get your application we will contact you to set up an appointment to discuss the opportunities.

Thanks for your interest and let us know if you have any questions, by phone at (414) 273-7887 or email